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Lifestyle Financial Planning

Managing your wealth is not about your money. Money is just a means; it’s impersonal and transactional. Anybody can invest or open a savings account. What makes the difference is when your wealth is managed with meaning and purpose. At Maleta Wealth, we build relationships for life. Whether you’re a millennial or just a few years away from retirement, we know you can benefit from assigning a purpose to your wealth and walking through our Lifestyle Planning Process.

Our Lifestyle Financial Planning Process goes like this:

  1. What’s the goal? This is where we’ll talk about what you really want to do with your money both now and in the future. We will uncover meaning and purpose!
  2. Where are you now? At this step, we’ll assess your current situation. If you were to continue in the same manner you are now, where would you end up?
  3. What do we need to change to get to the goal? Our team will analyze and propose solutions to help you get on track.
  4. How will we do that? Now it gets exciting. Your lifestyle financial plan will look like no one else’s; it is uniquely yours. Together, we’ll go over the strategy explaining every recommendation and the “why” behind it, so you understand how the plan works.
  5. Let’s make it happen. Time to put it into action. We’ll jump on in and start implementing the plan – whether that’s changing your investments, working on a budget, or starting monthly contributions to a retirement account.
  6. Check-up and make changes. Guess what? Lifestyle financial planning is not a “one and done” kind of thing. This is a life process, and it needs to grow and change with you. We’ll look out for changes that need to be made and meet with you on a regular basis to update.

What specifically does lifestyle financial planning cover? We’re glad you asked. We’ll touch on all of these areas:

Present Financial Situation

Insurance and other Protection Needs


Tax Planning

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning

And anything else you want to talk about that impacts you and your family’s financial well being. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about our financial firm and how we can help you prepare for the future.

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